God is, and God is Good.

Jesus is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life”—the basis for all pragmatic ethical doctrine that focuses on loving God, self and others. Jesus is the historical Logos of God. He is fully divine, and to see Jesus is to see God. God is like Jesus.

The Spirit (of God) is in all things, and is the force (both forming and sustaining) of creation. She is the Divine Logos in all of creation (including humans) that brings love, joy and peace into our lives together. We are called to be one in and through Her Presence.

While what we believe is necessary for salvation, and useful in living one’s life, divine experience (or encounter) and biopsychosocial-cultural transformation is the salvation and grace we all long for in life, and this experiential transformation is the fundamental process of Christ-Like mindfulness. Embodied and experiential salvation begins and ends in and through the extending love of God’s grace.

Our Mission/Purpose

To practice the presence of God with interpersonal love, joy, and peace;

To practice brain based cognitive-behavioral Christ-like transformation
via the prayerful/meditative disciplines of purification, illumination, and unification;

To reach out and invite inclusively all Post Modern Believers in God
(people who identify as spiritual, and who are non affiliated with churches, and desire to experience the love of the post Easter Jesus); &

To work in and through the Spirit of Christ towards a spiritual unification of the universal Church via Christ-Like mindfulness practice for the purpose of bringing the grace of God to all who want to experience the divinely transforming love of God in oneself and others.

…This is our confession, our witness, and our statement of trust, faith & hope  in God

We Believe…(as Post-Modern Followers of Jesus)

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