1.  Christ-like Mindfulness Practice—Practicing the Presence with intentional abiding in the moment with God; Aware of one’s Internal and External experience, rejoicing and attending to God’s good in every situation with experiential gratitude (Phil. 4:4-9).

2.  Four Narrative Themes of Informal Christ-Like Mindfulness Practice: 
1) Finding/experiencing God in all situations; 2) Praying our experiences; 3) being a Divine Incarnation (or being Jesus to the world by loving others as  God loves them; & 4) Practicing freedom and detachment from worldly stuff, in order to be totally devoted to God’s Kingdom--Doing no harm, doing good, staying in love with God, self and other


3. Brain Transforming Formal Meditation Practice: Formal meditations include: Loving-kindness, Compassion, Altruistic, Equanimity, Analytic-abiding, Empting-Kenosis, Guided Imagery, Biblical-Experiential, Dramatic improvisation-role playing, which is Christ-Like Psychodrama (Matthew 14: 23; Romans 12: 1-2). 

4. Christ-Like Transformative Prayers: 1) Examen (thanksgiving, survey, insight, repent-correct, unification), 2) Contemplative (Oneness and I-Thou) sitting, 3) Biblically inspired Brain Based Cognitive-Behavioral  restructuring of our minds via "spiritual thought experiences/exercises."

                           For some examples of formal Christ-like Meditations/Prayers: 

5.  Bible Study/Seminars/Workshops/Retreat Attendance. Learning that produces measurable skills in Conceptual Theological Tools, Verbal Narratives and Behavioral Skills used in Christian Cognitive Behavioral Brain Transformation (skills of personal discipleship).

6. The Practice of Christ-like Brain Based Cognitive-Behavioral Lifestyles. (including but limited to: Christ-like Ethics, Activty Scheduling, Social Skills Dev, Spiritual Gifts Dev., Small Groups Leadership Dev., Discipleship Training ).

7. Worshipping in Spirit.   Personal and Communal acts of Love & Praise to God, Rejoicing Always, and Radical Hospitality to all humans.

8. Being in a Christ-like Fellowship/Community. Committing to intimate relationships with other Christian communities in order to practiced & realized love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, peace in Community. Being in community is a necessary process for actualizing Christ-like transformation (Gal. 5:-24). 

9. Practicing Christian Service in Missional Relationships—Being an answer to someone’s prayer, and ministering to Jesus in others for social justice, or helping those in need.

10.  Practice Christ-Like StewardshipEmotional and behavioral detachment from dysfunctional passions; Simplicity--freedom from the clutter and burden of owning and managing stuff with  emotional attachment; Fasting--the practice of going without in order to retrain the mind-heart; & Giving of our live's means and abilities for the biopsychosocial-cultural-spiritual growth and wellbeing of all God's children and creation.

11.  Practicing Christ-Like Outreach:  Being a witness to Christ Jesus living in you and in the world, & helping/training others to be Followers of Jesus (the Making of Disciples).

Christ-Like Transformative Disciplines

The Christ-like Mindfulness Fellowship supports it's affiliates in developing and maintain transformative disciplines that are historically and empirically associated with the actualization of the Fruits of the Spirit within individuals and their communities. These disciplines are graces from God, but like all graces and gifts in creation, the actualization process involves our collaboration and focused effort with God, as Christ submitted to the will of Abba Father and lived in and through His love and presence to extend His Kingdom to all who were willing to enter into the transformative divine relationship that Jesus shared with his Father in heaven. 

The practice of Christ-Like disciplines are acts of interpersonal spiritual worship. We seek solitude and abide with God. We practice formal Christ-like Mindfulness Meditations. We practice informal Christ-like mindfulness moment by moment in our daily lives. The we come together, we worship together, and we practice together. We transform the world together one person at a time.

Below is a list of Christ-like transformative disciplines. These disciplines are often the focus of Christian coaching and discipleship training. These methods are also used to deepen our experiential intimacy with God during spiritual direction.